We are currently in the process of changing our class format.

Our new schedule will consist of online classes as well as

some in-studio classes.  The online classes will be offered

through Lemenaid.com

For an example of what our class schedule consists of, check the

Class List example below for our last 6-week session at Rev Art Academy

Each 6-week course = $225.
Each single class meets for 3 hours each week.

Monday 10am-1pm – Still Life Painting – Color & Application
with Vanessa Lemen
This class will help to gain an understanding of materials, application, color,

design/composition, and form (light and shadow). We will work from still life, with

various set-ups that encourage practice in observing and mixing color, using the materials

and application techniques, as well as the understanding of painting the form/volume of

the subject, and composing the overall picture. 1-wk (3-hr) & 2-wk (6-hr) set-ups. There will

be frequent demonstrations, as well as a materials overview.

Monday 7-10pm - Digital Painting
with Ron Lemen

This class focuses on the tools used to produce quick and "painterly" images from photo

reference as well as from life. The primary program we will use is Photoshop, but there will

be lectures and demonstrations using Sketchbook Pro, Art Rage, Painter and Sketch Up. In

addition to learning the program's tools we will also be focusing on pictorial composition,

color theory, design, atmosphere and more. This is a class of all skill levels, all you need is a

laptop, a drawing tablet, and the software.

Tuesday 10am-1pm – Portrait Painting
with Vanessa Lemen
Using various direct and indirect approaches to painting, this class will work from 1-week (3-hr) and 2-week (6-hr) poses. Key points to be discussed in this class include: application and materials, color, form, composition, values, edges, giving personality and character to shapes and brush work, and identifying the rhythm and energy in the pose. There will be frequent instructor demonstrations, and a materials overview.

Tuesday 4-7pm – Visual Narrative through Drawing & Painting
with Vanessa Lemen
This class will help to bridge the gap between observation and imagination. There will be exercises in observation, memory, and imagination to create an image that tells a story. Story can also come from such aspects as personal experience, social commentary, current issues, and dreams, while observation will be both from life and from reference. Key points to be discussed also include composition and the elements and principles of design.
There will be frequent instructor demonstrations.

Wednesday 10am-1pm – Watercolor & Gouache Painting
with Ron Lemen
In this watercolor/gouache class we will learn about different techniques for creating quick

and effective paintings that can be applied to fine art, concept art, and illustration. There will

be demonstrations on using different papers for different effects, a variety of methods for

both transparent and opaque approaches, layering, blending, tiling and more. The various

subjects we will be painting will be from life and from photography.

Wednesday 1:30-4:30pm - Rapid Viz Sketching

with guest instructor Peter Han

The class goes over the fundamental importance of being able to communicate with rapid sketch skills.  We will cover the basics and 101 of starting to sketch forms and being able to apply them to observational and imaginary subjects.  The key skill will be in how you see something and understand

how to break it down.  The sketching ability applies in all creative industries, and through this process the student will be guided in how it would apply to their interests.

Wednesday 7-10pm – Quick Sketch Painting - Figure & Portrait
with Vanessa Lemen
Working from life, this class will focus on visual note-taking through quick poses that

emphasize rhythm and gesture as well as shapes of tone, and will encourage lively brush work

and keen observation. There will be demonstrations on the use of materials and application,

how to make the most of quick strokes and your compositions on the page to create dynamic

and purposeful, confident strokes that identify the pose, set-up and likeness in small

increments of time ranging from 5-minute to 40-minute poses.

Thursday 10am-1pm – Form Drawing
with Vanessa Lemen
This is a core drawing class that incorporates form and construction and will help to bring life, volume, and realism to a 2d drawing. Form will be added through value by shading, giving the illusion of volume or 3-dimension in a well-constructed drawing. We will also discuss and practice design and composition of the picture, proportions and rhythms, accuracy of value and tone, building up the picture in values, and the use of hard and soft edges. This class will work from still life, casts and portrait model, with frequent instructor demonstrations.

Thursday 7-10pm – Head Drawing and Figure Drawing
with Ron Lemen
Each week we will focus on a different stage of a finished portrait and figure drawing with exercises to help structure and organize the information. We will break down the abstraction and analyze the forms of the figure from head to toe. There will be exercises working towards basic form construction, shading, value structure and gradations. We will learn to use the 3D surroundings to help ground the figure in a believable space and help develop stronger elevation reference points from head to toe.

Friday 10am-1pm – Figure Quick Sketch
with Ron Lemen
The gesture drawing is a quick indication of the complexity of a human action. The short poses will range from 1 to 5 minutes with poses as long as 20 minutes. We will work on various methods of measuring, simplifying and focusing on the action lines to enhance the movement of the poses, and how to use the different materials to speed up the rendering process. This is a great first time class as well as a great fine tuning class for the more advanced artist.

Saturday 9am-12noon – Color Theory in Oil
with Ron Lemen
The first 3 weeks of this class will be in the studio working on exercises to help develop

impressions, or quick sketches that explain the values and color structure of a subject.

We will learn to judge color temperature and find a way to mix most every color we see from

our palette of colors. The second 3 week block of time will be outdoors on location using the

information we learned in the studio. We will work quickly and learn to identify and mix the

grays and browns that we see chromatically, and harmonize all the colors together to make

a cohesive picture.

Sunday 3-week Workshops
with guest instructor Louis Bispo

Preparing Your Portfolio as a Professional Artist
The internet is the future in every field and the arts are no exception. From online stores to personal gallery spaces, everything an artist needs to be doing can be easily set up and controlled if the content is properly built to work with all the social and portfolio platforms out there. These workshops are a must for anyone who wants to take control of their own content and career as a 21st century artist.

Workshop 1: Web Publishing for the Artist

This will be an introductory course educating students as to the basics of preparing their content – text, images, and media files – for the web. Students will learn how to organize their content utilizing easy-to-use programs and their tools for content development; sampling and optimizing images for the web; and some simple tools for preparing audio and video files. Also covered will be some basics in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Workshop 2: Portfolio & Gallery Design for the Web
This will be an introductory course educating students in the basics of assembling and building a simple online portfolio/gallery website. We will learn Foundation to easily create responsive, mobile-friendly web design for their portfolio. We will also discuss the barebones basics of getting your website online.

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