About the Academy...

Rev Art Academy is a studio where artists of all levels can discover and develop their talents for traditional drawing, painting, and digital arts. Students are open to new career opportunities in fields such as fine art, illustration, and concept design. Due to the creative and experienced instruction and overall structured environment that is cultivated in Rev Art Academy, the students develop a strong work ethic imperative to building a career in many genres of art. Based on the model that has been previously established at our Studio 2nd Street since 2005, Rev Art Academy hosts progressive educational methods, a professionalism of teachers, and will prepare highly-skilled, well-versed, informed and enlightened artists. We are here to encourage students to adhere to the foundational exercises while also experimenting, seeking new forms and questioning established norms, which overall helps artists to develop their talents, and establish themselves as artistic professionals.

Vanessa Lemen is a fine art painter and illustrator who has worked as a freelance artist, studio illustrator, commissioned painter, and fine art instructor. She has participating in a variety of Southern California art events, as well as solo and group art shows and events nationwide. She has also established a worldwide presence on the web with online instruction and tutorials for The Art Department and Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, and has an extensive background in in-studio instruction teaching drawing, painting, illustration and design – traditional and digital – in studios such as Studio 2nd Street, Park Blvd Studios, and currently in Rev Art Academy, in Encinitas, CA.  Vanessa's work is in private collections in the US, UK and AU, can be viewed at ARC gallery in Sedona, AZ, and the online gallery EveryDayOriginal.com.  She has been published and can be seen in such art books as Spectrum: the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Ballistic Publishing's Painter (with an excellence award in the Portraits category), Aphrodisia I and II, and Women of Wonder: Celebrating the Women Creators of Contemporary Fantastic Art. Vanessa has also been featured in articles in magazines such as Painter and ImagineFX.

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About our guest instructors...

Richard Peter Han was educated at Art Center College of Design and graduated with a B.A. in illustration with a focus on entertainment design. He then started working in concept design for video games creating work for major companies such as Sony, Konami, Cheyenne Mountain, Trion, Bottle Rocket, and many more. Peter is currently an instructor at the Artcenter College of Design, Concept Design Academy, and CGMA. As well as a freelance designer in entertainment and a creative director for TAVAT eyewear.

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The studio is located in Encinitas, CA, where in-studio classes are held at 191 N. El Camino Real, Suite 206, Encinitas, CA  92024.  We will be offering online classes in the near future, and students from all over the world will be able to attend the classes as well.  Stay tuned!

The studio space is an art hub as well as a school that provides educational services to people of all levels and adult ages, and is a space where creative people can learn, study, meet, communicate and work on various projects. It is a location where new concepts and visions of art are born, and classical forms of study are practiced in an intimate environment very similar to the style of the Old Masters studios, when artists’ workshops were a one-on-one or small group intensive mentorship type of experience. We offer 8-week classes at various times throughout the day, as well as a mentorship program that is synchronous with the classes and will be acknowledged in the form of a solid portfolio from each individual while preparing students to become career artists, illustrators, and concept designers in the art and entertainment industry. We also host guest artist workshops, group sketch sessions and other events to help support and encourage the camaraderie amongst artists and arts in the community overall.

About the Instructors...

Ron Lemen has had an eclectic artistic past working consistently in the entertainment art industry and as an art instructor. Ron first went in to the Action Sports Industry working as a layout artist, logo designer, and board graphic illustrator. Moving on to more involved illustrations and conceptual design, he went back to school and is a graduate of the Atelier System, classically trained, and a former pupil of Sebastian Capella, Spanish portrait virtuoso. Ron Lemen has been a concept designer and art director in the video game industry for 10 years with dozens of clients including Sony, Activision, Ubi Soft, Mattel and more. Now freelancing full-time, his clients include Upper Deck, Dragon lance, White Wolf, Time Warner, Wizards of the Coast, Image Comics, Birdhouse Projects, Ride Snowboards, Disney, and more. In addition, to illustrating and Portrait Painting, Ron has been an art instructor for the last 16 years, teaching at LAAFA,CGMA, Gnomon, Studio 2nd Street, Park Blvd Studios, The Art Department, and Rev Art Academy.

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